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Select Party Rental

Website Development (Design by Six Ink)

Select Party Rental Company, a client of Six Ink, was in need of a site that allowed them to show customers their vast collection of catering & party supplies. Six Ink designed the site and hired h2x to program both the front and back-end functionality including an array of Flash elements that offer a visually engaging experience. The site allows visitors to browse Select's extensive catalog of products by category, color (where applicable) or name. A feature unique among rental sites is the Design Table, which allows planners to select and coordinate linens, glassware and table settings visually on screen. Products and design table layouts may be emailed directly to Select to assist in the rental process. A product search, event portfolio, and planning guides are also available on the site. Additionally, h2x developed a web-based administration through which Select staff may add or modify products that are listed on the website.