Art Copilot


Your Art Co-Pilot

Website Design & Production

Art Copilot is a virtual assistant offering business support to artists. They came to h2x in need of a new site design that offered a fresh and creative image for the agency. The concept for the new design that h2x developed evolved around the copilot theme. The new format also offers space to showcase the artwork and testimonials for those artist that Art Copilot currently works with.
Jessica is an amazingly talented web designer who understands the big picture but is extremely attentive to small details as well. From a short brainstorming session, Jessica is able to draft designs for sites that are usually right on target for the project. And if the designs are not, she happily incorporates any feedback from her first round of designs and produces a second draft that pulls it all together.
Heather Rothnie
Your Art Co-Pilot